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Student Desk Space:

Desk space and offices with flexible assignments - ie. "hot desks". They are not reserved for specific people. Open to anyone affiliated with PERFORM to use. Flex space should be reserved to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Contact: Stephane Frenette

Hoteling Office 4
(PC 02.213)

Student Hot Desk 01
(Santosa Lab)

Student Hot Desk 02
(Max 3 hours)

Student Hot Desk 04
(Max 3 hours)

Student Hot Desk 05
(Darlington Lab)

Student Hot Desk 06
(Analysis Workstation)

Student Hot Desk 07
(Max 3 hours)

Student Hot Desk 08
(Max 3 hours)

Student Hot Desk 09
(Max 3 hours)

Student Hot Desk 10
(Max 3 hours)

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